Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dogs In With My Goats!

The neighbor dogs can escape from their fence and now they have come into my Boyz fence twice.

There is a small brick ledge on the house that they can jump on to keep the dogs from getting them , but I fear that one day they may not can make it to that little ledge. Their area is large and if they don't know the dogs are in, would they be able to get to safety?

They are already off their feed, and their bowel movements have changed. They are living scared, and I just don't want that. I am putting them in the basement at night, which leads to a clean up every day, rather than just with bad weather or fireworks.

This has brought me to making a decision about re-homing Patrick and Bob or hoping that the dogs won't get out of their fence again. I don't think I can secure my fence anymore than it already is, as I have no help here.


  1. How scary for you, I hope you can work something out with this neighbor. So unfair.

  2. How come your neighbor doesn't do something about this? We thinks you should complain to somebean important! (or maybe teach the goats Karate)

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  3. You need to report your neighbor to animal control or whatever authority is in your area. Your neighbor has the responsibility to keep his dogs in his yard. You shouldn't have to worry about keeping them out. I hope the Boyz enjoy the extra time in their bachelor pad in the basement.


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