Monday, March 03, 2008

Our Snuggle is here!

~ A world without cats...I dare not think of it ~

Mom bid on and won a Snuggle over at Lisa's No Jumping From Bridge
She sent some green papers and we have a new Snuggle.
Maggie Mae, me (Noah), Bandit and Timothy were very interested!
Since I'm the largest KittyCat here, I get to lie on it first.

The Auction was for CHURCHILL who has some heavy vet bills.
To add to the family's woes, his Mommie is at the hooman vet hospital now!
We hope that Churchill makes a complete recovery and his Mommie, too!
~ Noah


  1. That's a great looking snuggle! I'm hoping good things for Churchill, too!

  2. Hooray on your new Snuggle! It sounds like Churchill's family needs our help now more than ever.

  3. That snuggle looks very popular! Hope you haven't had any brawls over it :D

    How are Churchill & his mother getting along now?

    Best wishes, Jane :)


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