Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Dog Saved by Marilyn's Voice!

Meet Dale.
He was in the same kill pound/Shelter as Rocky.
He could not be released in time for me to board both of them (I was about 60 miles from home on a Saturday and the kennel would close) so a couple of nice folks helped and I went and got him today.
We had a nice, normal drive home :)

Hey Lady! Is this too close for you to drive? Where're we going?
Can you see how to drive if I stay here? I sure am glad to be out of that place I was in last week....I heard them say 'His time is up' but a very nice rescue group, Marilyn's Voice saved me and Rocky!

Look! The Lady got a turtle off the road. I like it! The Lady said 'No!' and put him in her lap. It wee-wee'd on her, but she said that happens just about efury time she picks one up off the road. She's a crazy turtle lady.

I'm not nearly as big as Rocky. He was right up in the windshield.
He must have weighed about a thousand pounds!

Goats! Hey Lady! Can I play with them?
They are afraid of me because I look just like one of the d*gs that chased them and made them sick.
Patrick got the worse of it.

We let the turtle go waaay back there behind the goats.
It will have lots of company. The Lady has been putting highway turtles down there for 20 years!

There are lots of trees and a creek. I still want to eat it.

Kisses to Marilyn's Voice and the Lady.
Thanks to all, I'm going to have a grate Forever Home!

What's this smell on your jeans?
We are not sure about this.

It was a Grate Day, as Dale and Jeter Harris would say :)
Turtle Pee. Puppy Slobber.
Yep, a really Grate Day!


  1. Great job on rescuing Dale and the turtle. Which one are the kitties objecting to? Grin.

  2. Hooray for another rescue! Dale is a very cute woofie. My Mommie once moved a big turtle away from the road and he did the peeing thing on her, too.

  3. Oh, I am so glad that you were able to rescue Dale and a turtle. Dale looks like a very nice puppy and he is lucky to have found you.

  4. Yay, Dale! You are one lucky puppy. I hope you have a very good life, from today 'til forever.

  5. How uplifting! Dale is gorgeous and I'm so glad he's found a forever home.
    Read about Marilyn's Voice...I'm so impressed! What a wonderful organization.

  6. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Hi Bobbie,
    You are the most awesome rescuer ever! Dale (Chaz) and Rocky are both happpy and healthy in their forever homes in Cleveland. We are so thankful for your help. Kristina and Cindy


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