Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Malachi and the Computer Spider

I never kill insects or spiders.
If I see one in the room, 
I pick them up and take them outside. 
Karma is everything.
~ Holly Valance

Hi Furriends!
Malachi here, and I like to play with the 
Computer Spider!!
Mom Bobbie has to find him on the monitor..
I could do it, but we do not have thumbs,you know.
Tell .. no, ask your Mom to help you play

~ Malachi


  1. When we see a little bug in the house, we always take it outside - there's enough room in this world for us to share with little bugs!

    This sounds like a fun game!! Hope you catch your computer spider Malachi! Yay! Take care

  2. Oh! I've seen that computer spider before and he is fun! Except I can't eat him. :-(

  3. We wanna play with that spider too!

  4. WE will be playing with this tarantula!

  5. I love to play with any spider too but my mom love to whack them. We are a team ; )

  6. That computer spider sure does look fun! And this way, Daddy and Mommy won't have to put it outside after we are done playing. :)


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