Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miss Emily on Sunday

Through woods and mountain passes 
The winds, like anthems, roll.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -
Hai Furriends!
We had a very windy day yesterday.
Mom even let The Boyz stay in the basement last night
because if was going to be 20 degrees, but feel like 
six degrees!
We hope all our feral furriends stayed warm.
Our sisfur, Maggie Mae is recovering.
She does not feel very good, please keep her in your thoughts.
Happy Sunday,
~ Miss Emily


  1. You sure look pretty peeking out from there with your sunpuddle Miss Emily! Y'all keep plenty warm, it's brrrrrrrrrry cold here too!

  2. We hope that blowing wind has stopped now and you all stay warm!! We are purring for Maggie Mae and hope she feels better soon.

  3. Keep warm friends!!!

  4. Me and Charlie are purring and purraying for sweet Maggie Mae!! We hope she gets better asap!!

    Miss Emily!! You look adorable! Keep warm! Take care

  5. Hi there Miss Emily, you are very pretty sitting in the sun. We sure do send tons of purrs to Maggie Mae in hopes that she get better really quickly. We are sure crossing our paws too. Take care all of you and stay warm. It is really cold here too.

  6. What a good thing you have that basement for the boys to hang out in. When the wind picks up in the winter, it can get so very, very cold.

  7. Continued purrs to Maggie Mae, we so hope she feels better soon.

    It's cold here too, minus 20 Celcius with the windchill today, but slightly warmer than yesterday's -25C!

  8. Stay warm! It is cold here, too. We may even see some snow!

  9. I will be purring lots for Maggie Mae!

  10. It's very important to find those sun puddles with cold weather like this.

    Truffle and Brulee

  11. Feel better soon, Maggie Mae!

    Bob and Patrick, I wish I could have visited you in the basement... we could have brought sleeping bags and had a slumber party!

  12. Oh my goodness! Stay warm and feel better!

  13. We sure hope you feel better soon, Maggie Mae.

    So glad you can open the basement for the boys when it's so cold!

  14. Purrs fur Maggie May. Stay warm and haf a pawsome Monday. xoxo

  15. Hello! I have recently been awarded the Liebster Award, by Marg's Pets. It was a very nice and considerate honour, and I have the pleasure of passing it on blogs I enjoy and follow. I have been following yours since I found the Cat Blogosphere, and would like to give you the award due to your kindness and love of animals. The Liebster logo is on my website if you would like to add it to yours. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and a great week. Thank you for allowing me to read about your world.


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