Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordy, Wordy Wednesday

Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing,
 of just going along, 
 listening to all the things you can't hear, 
 and not bothering.
- Piglet -
Hai Furriends!
We have got Doing Nothing down to an art.
Our Mom, on the other hand, has been quiet busy with
The Boyz...
While she was walking them around the property 
(there is not enough grass in their area,
even with the hay they are served) 
she noticed Patrick was shivering!
They had spent one very cold night in the basement,
and the next night in their regular place.
She decided to put them stay in the basement again.
Things went well until Malachi would not follow her up the
basement steps into the house. She looked around to see if
he was coming up, and Bob started up the stairs!!
Bob is a Very Big Goat and the last time he got into the house he
jumped right up on Moms bed  
She managed to close the door, but could Bob go back down?
She waited and listened.. he didn't move, he was right at the 
door which was twelve steps up from the basement floor.
She finally went around to the door in the back yard and saw
 that he and Patrick were both in the basement. Whew!! 
Our Mom is not big enough 
to handle Bob and his hard-headed-ness for sure!
We are glad he went down the steps on his own!!
Patrick is better today.
Maggie Mae does not feel great, but she is moving around
She gets her staples looked at tomorrow...
Mom helped out a little bit at AWARE today.
We think she will sleep well, we may have to move over!
Happy Wednesday,
~ Miss Emily, Napoleon and Jasmine


  1. Oh my goodness! Bob the Goat! Awwwww! Phew for mum! Awww Bob is a good goat!! Yay! Big wave for Bob, Malachi and Patrick! Stay warm now you adorable goats and be gentle with mum!

    Healing hugs to Patrick and Maggie Mae! Have a peaceful Wednesday! Take care

  2. Bob really wanted to bring Patrick in the warm house! Glad Pat is feeling better! Hope Maggie Mae feels better tomorroe!

  3. OMC! Bob on your mom's bed! MOL! Maybe your mom could put a bed in the basement for him and Patrick.

  4. Well Bob knows comfy too! Y'all keep cozy warm!!!

  5. I can't blame Bob for wanting in the house when it is so cold out. I am glad that he finally went back down the stairs, though. I am glad that Patrick feels better and I hope that Maggie Mae feels better soon, too.

  6. Bob is silly if he wants in the bed. Doesn't he know that's where the cats sleep?

  7. Of course Bob would want the bed - that is the prime spot in the house! I hope Maggie Mae is feeling better tomorrow!

  8. Haha! We woulda loved to see Bob in bed!! We're glad Patrick is feeling better, too.

  9. Our goat used to get really cold too. We miss our goat a lot. Hope Bob and Patrick keep warm and feel all right.
    We sure hope that Maggie Mae feels better. We are sending lots and lots of strong purrs to you Maggie Mae.
    Take care all of you.


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