Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Jasmine on Tuesday

There is always a lot to be thankful for,
if you take the time to look.
For example, Mom is sitting here thinking
how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt.
- unknown -
Our Mom left us to do what she called
What is that? She is already an antique,
why look for more wrinkles and sags?

There were a LOT of salt and pepper shakers.

A lot!

She found some cute kittycats, but left them there.

Her friend wanted to go to The Varsity.
Oh Yum..
Did she bring us anything?

No. She did not.
Happy Tuesday!
~ Jasmine


  1. Wow, look at all those toys!

  2. You mommy is gonna HAVE to get with the program! You deserve treats and presents every single DAY! (Pee ess: my mommy also goes antiquing and I asked her the same thing...isn't she antique enough already?)

  3. Okay, that's a LOT of salt and pepper shakers. LOL.

    We agree with the Admiral, though: Treats and presents are called for every day!

  4. Yeah--I have no idea why antiques like to hang together! The woman wants some salt and pepper shakers as her father started a collection from Europe when he was the mail man back in the 1950s for a naval carrier and he'd always pick them for his mom from all the cities he flew into and he kept it up until she died in the 1970s--now they belong to the Woman.

  5. Our Mom is an antique too. Those were some mighty fine salt and Pepper shakers. We love the cats too.
    Thanks for the info on Peepers the goat. Maybe she has lost her teeth. But the few times she has eaten a tiny little bit, she seemed to be able to chew all right.Anyway, thanks for the nice head bumps.

  6. Awww lovely Jasmine - look at all those shakers!!! Wow!

    Me and Charlie hope next time mum brings home tons of stuff for all of you! Yay!

    Take care

  7. That is a lot of salt and pepper shakers! We are sorry Mom did not bring you any treats!

  8. She didn't bring you a 'kitty' bad with goodies ... she needs more training.

  9. Thank you for the prayers and purrs. I am starting to feel better. My staff made an appointment for me to visit the physician tomorrow. I'm up and nibbling Meow Mix, and grooming - as long as Madam does not bother me. I am humiliated that my staff saw fit to inform the world of my tushie problem. Some humans just do not know when to keep their big fat mouths shut! I am thinking about dismissing the staff. I am not looking forward to the humiliation at the physician tomorrow, but when you have beautiful long and purrfect hair like I does, it can be a trial. Then again, maybe some of the staff are jealous!

    Thank you for your kindness and purrs.

    Bubbles Silverman
    A Pink Flamingo Kitty

  10. Treat shopping would be way more productive than antique shopping.

  11. Our mom likes to do that antiquing stuff too. She would go crazy seeing all those salt and pepper shakers!!

  12. Unfair! Mom didn't bring you any treats? I see yak in her future.MOL!

  13. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Our mama loves antiquing, too! Next time she eats out, just order take out and charge it to her credit card!


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