Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally Friday ~ Malachi

A lot of people like snow.
I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.
- Carl Reiner -

Mom just went outside.
Said she was going to get rid of some snow and ice.
Already missed two doctor appointments because
of it, and it is as slick as ..well, it's a sheet of ice!
She got this little area cleared, pretty good for her!
She gave up, look how far it is to the top of the driveway.
Solid ice all the way up.
The Boyz watched, but they were so cold!
Patrick was shivering.
They will go back in the basement shortly.
It is probably around 55-60 degrees in there.
That is pretty good, considering it is 62 up here!
Every Fur and Bean stay safe and have a Happy Friday
~ Malachi


  1. We think your Mom did a good job getting that far.

  2. That is a lot of ice Malachi....I am so glad I am in Southern California now...I hated all the cold we got when we lived in Toronto!

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    That's more than our lazy mom would do! We're glad Bob and Patrick got to go back inside!

  4. WE finally got above freezing yesterday but still have some ice and snow left over from last Sunday! Keep Mom safe when she is out there clearing ice!

  5. Mommy loves your name, Malachi.

    You mommy did a great job clearing things out. That's a buncha ice.

  6. Oh Mr. Malachi, we wish that ice would go away so your mom could get to where she needs to go! We still have the snow on the ground here from last week, even though we only got an inch or two. But it's supposed to be above freezing today, so we'll try to send the 'heat' your way!

  7. The Woman loves snow so this would not bother her. And she would feel so bad about the boys freezing outside, she'd probably give them their own bathroom...

  8. I love snow but not when it turns to ice!! Charlie just doesn't like any of it!!:-)

    Awww beautiful Malachi!! You must tell your mum to be very careful, please!! Take extra special care!! We hope the lovely goats get to the basement soon!!


  9. Keep warm everybody!!!

  10. That is WAY too much ice for one human to clear up! Your human did pretty good. Stay warm, you guys!

  11. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, it looks very cold there. I'm glad our snow has gone - for now. Hope your melts away too. Keep snuggled up in the warm xx

  12. wow that is A LOT of ice!

    I didn't know that goats don't like the cold. I thought they did. They go into your basement? Do they watch TV and all???? MOL!!

  13. Oh Bob and Patrick, it makes me sad to think of you shivering. Maybe you need some goatcoats!

  14. Oh...cold goats! We are glad we are warm's 68 in our (Teri's) bedroom...


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