Saturday, January 15, 2011

PhotoHunt ~ Shadow

Winter is natures way of saying 'Up yours.'
- Robert Byrne -

Sun! Sun! We have sun!
We are making shadows today.
There are still shadows on our driveway.
The Photo Hunt subject is shadow, go by
TNChicks Photo Hunt
to see the shadows other Photo Hunters found!
Hope you have a nice Saturday!
~ Noah and Malachi


  1. We're kinda agreeing with that quote today. Stay warm, furrriends.

  2. What a very comfortable twosome. Good day to be inside.

  3. Great SHADOW picture of you two!! You both look very warm!! Have a great Saturday!!
    Your TX furiends,

  4. Funny quote, you got us! Lovely photo... the photo makes me feel warm and cozy.

    PS there are lots of things to see on our tile floor, someday we'll show "more"... tee-hee

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Ah sun after lots of cool and clouds is always wonderful. Now where is mine?

  6. Now those are some good shadows. Plus a great sun puddle for you to get all warm in. Hope all of you have a wonderful week end.

  7. Hooray for the sun! We hope the goats are now able to play outside!

  8. Very warming shots and great shadows. Happy weekend.

  9. What lovely sun shadows you are making!

  10. It's nice to have sun after all the weather everyone has been having!

  11. Noah & Malachi,
    Enjoy your shadows and have a great weekend!

    Cold paws make that quote just purrfect!


  12. Here comes the sun

    Coffee is on

  13. Malachi, Noah

    Love your quote ! and great to see you two have so much enjoy the sun.


  14. Oh that sun sure makes some cool shawdows!!

  15. perfect quote for a really cold day!

  16. Sunshine... on my shoulders makes me happy. Or, rather, sunshine on any part of me makes me happy... :D

  17. Sunshine and shadows. We are dreaming about those!

  18. Looks nice and warm in the sun. The contrast of the shadows against white fur makes for a nice photo.

  19. The sun was a welcome sight today and yesterday, but still we didn't get much warmth out of it. My cats were enjoying the sunshine as well. My shadow is up here.

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