Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ Noah

Don't do what you'll have to find an excuse for.
- Proverb -

Hai - Noah here,
Our Mom has an excuse why she is going into the front room so much.
She said she is checking on that little kittycat, MacGruber.
We can hear her talking to him and telling him how
beautiful and wonderful and pretty and handsome he is!
Well, if he is all that, I guess she has a good excuse.

We are So Thankful that the little guy was pulled from a kill shelter
right before he was to die.
Yep we are glad Mom loves him so much, and he will have
a great forever home in a few weeks, thanks to Robin at

Covered In Cat Hair!

Happy Thursday to all our Furriends and beans!
~ Noah


  1. The little orange guy is cute as can be. I have a short haired orange at my house. They are wild !!!

  2. We are thankful for people like your Mom too.

  3. Noah, your Mom is so good to help these kitties and you and the 'bunch' are sweet to share her

  4. Noah, you are pawsome!!!!!!!!!!! And so is your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are purraying for a loving forever home for the little guy.


  5. We are thankful for yoor mom too ~ she is special.

  6. Hooray for MacGruber! You all got a good mom.

  7. He's a lucky kitty indeed...but so are you, for having a wonderful mom and forever home!

  8. Hello lovely Noah!!! Your mum is just wonderful for rescuing beautiful MacGruber!!! Thank you! Take care

  9. Sweet Noah, that is such great news for little McGruber!

  10. Well, ya gotta admit, he is very cute! And you're doing such a good thing. We know it's hard to share with strangers.

  11. I am so glad that MacGruber has a real home! It's so hard for me to fathom that such a great kitty could be so close to death in a kill shelter!

  12. MacGruber is a lovely cat indeed!!
    Lucky too, to be taken in by Bobbie and ready to go to a safe place. We wish him the best!!
    Purrs to Bobbie for being SO kind to kitties :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. MacGruber sure is lucky!! We hope he finds a furever home soon!!

  14. I am so happy MaGruber will soon have a home of his own!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. MacGruber is a very lucky pusscat to have a mummy like yours to share. Hope you get to play together soon prrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  16. Noah, you are so cute. Your Mommy is wonderful to have saved McGruber!!!


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