Thursday, December 02, 2010

Finally Friday ~ Anna Sue

Act as if what you do makes a difference.
It does.

- William James -

Hai Furriends and Beans!
Hope you all are having a sunny Friday.
Mom said she is not doing anything special by keeping MacGruber.
She said any of you do the same thing, you know you would!
He is doing really well, and Mom still spends time with him.
She will take more pictures today. Maybe he has forgotten how to squint.

I heard something about him going to school next week.
Mom said he would do fine, as Timothy, Napoleon, Noah and Malachi
have all been tutored. I think it is a bit like Daisys Lady Garden
which all of us girls know about.
Miss Robin wants him well and healthy to make his Magic Trip to her,
about a squillion miles away! We are still working on how she does this.

Happy Friday!
~ Anna Sue


  1. MacGruber is so lucky to have landed in your loving home :-) We know he will fit in with the other kitties in no time!

  2. We're crossing our paws for MacGruber's tutoring next week. :-)

    And the mom loves your quote today, really loves it, since she struggles a lot with whether anything any one does really makes a difference.

  3. MacGruber will do fine, I'm sure of it! That is a beautiful picture of you Anna Sue!

  4. MacGruber might not be a willing pupil...if you know what we mean!

    We think every Bean that saves a kitty's life is special. Thank you, from all of us.

  5. Hello pretty Anna Sue. We know MacGruber will learn a lot at school!

  6. considering the last cat we got is here to stay and I tried to kill myself over him, the Woman laughs at the idea that she would do that...We look forward to MacGruber being tutored!

  7. Awwww yay for your mum and for adorable McGruber!!! School for him should be fun! take care

  8. I'm sure MacGruber will do fine with next week's school session! It is just his next step on his way to his new home!

  9. Thanks for your kind words about Qwill. My mum is devastated but she is happy that he had such a good and long life.

    Nice to see MacGruber kitty has fallen on his paws. We love people who rescue kitties, as Au, Target and Boris are all ex-strays.

    Also, can we tell you about our romance novel Blackmail Bride that came out yesterday? It's in Kindle, B&N and Sony ebook format as well as PDF. Check out the first chapter free at 10% goes to Friends Furry Farm, a no kill animal sanctuary. Tell all your friends please?

  10. Anna Sue, You are totally beautiful !!!

    I think MacGruber will enjoy the school...lots of friends are there

    And thank you so much to visit my blog : )

  11. That is a really pretty picture Anna Sue. You are such a pretty color. And of course we would all keep MacGruber. But he has found the best home of all.
    Take care and have a fun week end.

  12. Harley said to let MacGruber know that as long as he has many other toy balls, he will not mind being tutored.


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