Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ Food..we hope!

It would be nice if the Food and Drug Administration
stopped issuing warnings about toxic substances and just
gave me the names of one or two things still safe to eat.
- Robert Fuoss -

Malachi: Hey Miss Emily! Do you think we'll get fed?

Miss Emily: I don't know. I've been waiting a long time.

We are Thankful that we have a safe home,

are well fed and loved.

~Malachi and Miss Emily


  1. It is nice to have a Food & Drug Adm. to keep tabs on the food we and our pets eat. I am glad you have a comfy home and food to eat. Thank you for coming by.

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I have to agree with you on the F&DA. Seems it would be much more simple now days to give us the safe foods. I am so glad you have a comfy, loving home and food to eat. Hugs and nose kisses from all of us here at Mumsy's.

  3. Well if we believed efurrything we read in the newspapers in the UK, we wouldn't eat anyfin!

  4. I'm always thankful for food too!

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    That is a GREAT thing to be thankful for!!!

  6. You two are adorable. I spoil my Purr Gang for all of those who don't have love. I tell my gang how lucky they are. They just look at me like ... blah blah ... what we have to do to get those tasty treats ^,,^

  7. Would it be bad if I confessed that when dinner is late, I am a teensy less grateful and a bit more annoyed?

  8. You are a couple of cuties....and we're sure you will get fed on a regular basis.

  9. You two are so sweet. We think if the FDA told us what the good foods are and then some one got sick, they could be held responsible!

  10. That's great stuff to be thankful for!!


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