Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tummy and Toesies ~ Maggie Mae

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.
-Roger Miller-
Hai furiends!
Mom is thinking about asking if anyone around our
neighborhood is building an Ark or at least a boat!
Bob and Patrick sure are miserable, because they
love to lay in the hot, hot sun.
I'm just going to lay around and show off my
Tummy and Toesies!
Happy Tuesday to all our furiends.
~ Maggie Mae
Dear friends, while visiting our furiends blog, we saw
Purrever Ranch Sanctuary
A Hospice for Senior Kittycats.
Our mom has always wanted to do this for cats that no one
wanted, but due to health and financial situation, she can't..
The next time your human has a couple of extra green papers,
maybe they could go by the ranch and donate a little.
Thanks for reading!
Our furiends, The Whiskeratti is where we found this information!
We thank them for posting about the Sanctuary.
~ The Bunch and Mom Bobbie


  1. Super Cute photo.....and we think a Hospice for older cats is a wonderful idea.....we will be checking out the links. thanks and purrrrrrrs

  2. That is a lovely photo. What a marvelous idea -- a place for older kitties! What a special place they must be.

  3. It's great there are places for older animals, for special needs animals, for .... Some humans are very kind.

  4. We finally got past the October monsoon season! We are sorry you have

  5. Oh we hope the rain stops for all of you!!

    We think a hospice for senior kitties is such a wonderful idea! We'll go check it out!

  6. Fanks for lettin us know bout da senior catizens. An hey - yoo gots a bobbie in da howse? We gots a aunt bobbie.

  7. Sorry you have been having so much rain! Maybe Bob and Patrick should wear some tiny little yellow galoshes to keep their feets dry.

    This is the dry season where we live. It has been sunny but very windy this week!

  8. Sounds like you are getting the trin for sure. I am glad that you have a nice warm bed inside the house where you won't have to worry about the bad weather outside. Snuggle up and stay dry.

  9. Love your tummy and toesies!!

    Our mom became a fan of Purrever Ranch Sanctuary on facebook and donated a few green paper. They do such great work!

  10. That's a great cause...thanks for telling us about it!

  11. What a good idea! I love the furry
    fluff of this cute cat! Thank you
    for the kind words.


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