Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Noah & Miss Emily

Physical strength is measured by what we can carry;
spiritual by what we can bear.

Noah and Miss Emily

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We support our troops & veterans,
and keep them in our prayers.


  1. Naoh and Miss emily, you are very beautiful! What a great picture

  2. That is a great Veteran's Day display.

  3. What a wonderful photo!!!!!!!

    Love the Veteran's Day graphic.


  4. First, I want to thank all of our brave men and women who have and how are now standing up for our freedoms that we have and enjoy each and every day. Your life is always on the line so we may live in freedom.
    Second, the question is what is better than one beautiful white kitty? Two beautiful white kitties. Love the photo.

  5. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Thank you for coming to visit us and the nice comments about our new sisfur, Cricket! We're SLOWLY dealing with her being there, because we know she's here to stay! Happy Veteran's Day to you all. LOVE, love, love the picture!

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew
    aka...Skeeter, King, Pandora, and Cricket

  6. What a wonderful photo!
    Happy Veteran's Day!

  7. They look so cute together ...

  8. Happy Veteran's Day!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. What a wonderful picture! Happy Veterans Day to you.

  10. We remember those who fought for us. Must be Veteran's Day all over the 'western' world.

    Thanks for visiting and welcoming Pomelo.

    Great photo of the two whities!

  11. I like your post, nice picture and the kitties are very pretty, hope your day was great.

  12. What a great picture. Happy Veteran's Day.

  13. A purrfect picture. We especially liked your quote for the day.

  14. What a lovely post today! Noah & Emily, you too are very sweet together. Your tribute to our Vets is wonderful.

    Purrs, Busby and Ray

  15. That's a wonderful quote. I love it.

    God bless our veterans and fallen soldiers. And God bless our sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers that are serving our country.


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