Friday, October 30, 2009

Formerly Feral ~ Maggie Mae

A grandmother pretends she doesn't know
who you are on Halloween.

-Erma Bombeck-
I was in a tree at my Grandbeans house about 13 years
ago. It was raining and I was scared. Mom and the
girlbean got me down, but it took THREE days!
Mom took me to a rescue purrson, but they wouldn't take
me. That meant I'd have to go to the county shelter which
is really animal control. Mom didn't want to do that, so
I've been a happy Formerly Feral since that day!
(Mom is not good at fostering, you know)
Happy Friday, and safe Halloween to everybean and furiend!
~ Maggie Mae


  1. We know your Mom has no regrets!!

    Happy Halloween,

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. We are so happy you found such a pawsome furever home.


  3. Maggie Mae, our mom is not good at fostering either, which is how she ended up with most of us and our Maggie May!

    We are so glad you have such a wonderful forever home and are feral no more!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. What a lucky little girl you are Maggie Mae! And so is your Mom!

  5. Look how beautiful you are, Miss Maggie Mae! We are so glad you haz a wonderful forever home now.

  6. I am glad you made it to a beautiful safe home!

  7. I can't even imagine three days stuck in a tree. Maggie Mae, you are very brave! And I'm glad your story had such a happy ending in a good home.

  8. Wow! Maggie Mae, I'd never seen just how beautiful you are! Up in a tree for three days? My goodness, that was a long time, but also a long time ago now.
    I'm so happy you are and have been safe for 13 years!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. That must have been scary being up the tree for so long! We're happy that you have such a great home now.

    You're a beautiful girl, Maggie Mae!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  10. Hi thanks for following our blog. We're very glad that you're formally feral.

    Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  11. We're so happy you found such a good home and are formerly feral!!

    (pee ess. that's sort of how we ended up with Zoey...she woulda ended up in a shelter and mom didn't want to do that...)

  12. It is wonderful that you found your Mom. It is great to be inside and hot out in the cold and rain.

  13. You sure are brave. 3 days?! Wow. Clearly, you are meant to be with your mum:)

    Thankyou for your Thankful post. What wonderful people they are doing that wonderful work.

  14. Anonymous8:21 PM

    That is such a lovely portrait of you, Maggie Mae.

    We like the way you chose your human to adopt you. We've heard of going to great lengths to accomplish something, but you went to great heights instead! :-)

  15. Maggie Mae, I am so happy your Mom is not good at fostering! : )


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