Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friends ~ Chance and Shorty

No matter how little money
and how few possessions you own,
having a dog makes you rich.

-Louis Sabin-
Before Mom got so sick, we went to see our friend
We met him when our KittyBoy went to The Rainbow Bridge.

His Mom is a little worried about his hips, but the last
time we talked to her (well, Mom does the talking)
she said that he has learned a new way to stand up,
and is doing better. We love to visit him, and he loves us!
~ Shorty


  1. Chance seems like a very nice friend. I'm glad that he is learning how to accommodate for his hips.

  2. I am glad that he is able to work around his hip problems. Georgia was so able to work around her issues to. Aren't we amazing?

  3. Friends are great to visit. Glad you have Chance.

  4. It fun to visit your furiends! Glad to hear Chance is doing okay with those hips!

  5. We are glad to see your friend Chance is learning to do things differently.

  6. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Animals are wonderful at overcoming adversities and turning them into triumphs! Yay for Chance!

  7. Chance looks like a good pal! We're glad he is doing ok.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. What a good friend he is!
    We think that quote applies to kitties and to any animal friends you keep in your our guinea pigs!

  9. Oue grandbean has a guinea pig and loves him!


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