Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Puppy has gone to Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven........
Above is our furiend, Puppy. His Mom passed away last
month. Our Mom fed him and his brofur, Shorty while
things were taken care of out of state.
We were so sad to learn yesterday that Puppy
had gone to The Rainbow Bridge.
We wonder if he missed his Mom so much.
When we learned this, Mom asked if she could get
Shorty and spend some time with him. He spent
the day walking outside and staying inside with us.
Not one of us even slapped him. We knew he was
a very sad little boy. Mom will be able to get him
any time she wants to, so we hope to see more of him!

Soar high on swift wings, Puppy...
~ The Bunch


  1. So sorry to hear about your sweet friend Puppy. We think he must have been missing his Mom lots, too.

    Barb, and G&G

  2. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

  3. We are sending purrs and love to Shorty. Bobbie, we are glad he has a friend like you.

    Fly well, Puppy.

  4. God bless.....
    We are so sorry to hear this sad news about Puppy. He must have really missed his mommy.
    So nice of you to spend special time with Shorty.

  5. We are so sorry to hear about your friend, Puppy.

  6. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Puppy must be very happy to be back in his Mom's arms. We hope that Shorty doesn't have a difficult time now that he's lost both of his friends. We'll purr for him:)

  7. I am so sorry that Puppy had to go to the Bridge. But at least he is reunited with his mom.

    You are so kind to be a friend to Shorty. I can tell he is very sad.

  8. I'm sorry about Puppy, he surely miss his mom badly..


  9. We hope Shorty will be okay and not follow Puppy. It's sad he lost both his mom and his brother so close together. Good thing he has friends at your house.

  10. Those beautiful, soulful brown eyes...

  11. I am very sorry you lost your friend. At least he is with his Mommy again.

  12. Your mom is the BEST for taking care of Puppy & Shorty in their sad times. I am sure Shorty will need lovin's more than ever right now.

  13. Everyone has their own special time here on earth, and then they are called home. Sorry for your loss:(

  14. We are sorry to hear about your friend Puppy, we thinks he couldn't bear to be away from his Mom and now they are together again. We are glad you were able to visit with Shorty and cheer him up. He must miss his Mom and Puppy very much. ~S,S,C & F

  15. I am sad for you and know you will miss your friend Puppy he is with his mom now.

  16. Oh we're so sorry to hear about Puppy...at least he's with his mom now...

  17. That is so sad. We are purring really hard for Shorty.

  18. Here's hoping that Puppy and his Mom are romping together across the Rainbow Bridge.

  19. Bless your hearts, puppy maybe gone from your touch and your sight, however in your hearts forever he is safe. Sending you love, light and cosmic harmony in your time of pain xx

  20. We're so sorry. They look like nice woofies.

  21. we are glad that puppy was able to reunite with his mom but sad for those who were left on the oyher sidw of the bridge


  22. Anonymous10:07 AM

    At least puppy is wiv his Mom now - that makes us a little happier. But we are sad he and his Mom had to go.


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