Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photo Hunt ~ Protection

A barking dog is often more useful than a sleeping lion.
-Washington Irving-
This week the Photo Hunt is
We are sure you remember Shorty, the little dog that
lost his human and a couple of weeks later, he lost his
brofur, Puppy. Mom was so glad that the neighbor let
her come visit and walk him. She could even bring him
home for us to see and visit with. They just live next
door, so he did not have to go far to come see us!

Well, our announcement is:
Shorty is OURS!
The neighbor and Mom agreed that he needed to be
with someone, and since they worked all day long, he
could come and live with us! Of course they will visit
him as often as they want to. We are very excited
and happy to add a new member to our furamily!
He has a bad heart condition, but we'll take care of him.
We think he will be a lot of Protection because he
You can see what other Photo Hunters found as
Protection at TNChicks!
~ The Bunch
We are all purrring and praying for
Miss Peach's Lapdaddy


  1. Congratulations on your new woofie brother! He must be so sad over his family that he has lost, but I'm sure that you all can make him happy again!!

  2. Congrats on adopting Shorty. We thinks you will all be very happy together. ~S,S,C & F

  3. How cool - we're glad Shorty found a loving home with you! We think Shorty will be great protection too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Yeah what a happy story! Great photo for this week's theme.

  5. That's AWESOME news! Shorty looks like he could use some love, and your house is just the place! Congratulations to all!

  6. How wonderful! Congratulations on welcoming a beautiful little soul into your family! And congratulations to Shorty on finding such a wonderful family to call his own:) This news has made our hearts smile:)

  7. Whoohoo! We're so happy Shorty has a great home now! Shorty, you are one lucky dog!!! What good news to start our day!

  8. Guard doggie on duty! How good for him and for you that he has found his home with you! Nice choice for The Hunt.

  9. We think that you will help heal his heart, you guys rock! Welcome Shorty!

  10. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Yay! I had a feeling this was the big news. Welcome to your new Forever Home, Shorty! I hope you will be the happiest little dog ever!

    Head-bonks from Gandalf and Grayson

  11. Anonymous11:38 AM

    That's some of the best news ever! Shorty is sure to have a wonderful forever home now:)

  12. How wonderful of you all to take on a dog with a serious medical condition. I know he will be well taken care of and have a great life. And I'm sure he'll be great protection for all of you.

    Mine is up over at Flo's Place

  13. Congratulations to Shorty! He is one lucky dog!

  14. Congratulations on the new woofie friend, brofur. He looks like a giver of protection.

  15. Welcome home Shorty!

  16. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Congrats on adopting Shorty!
    Great take for this week's PH theme.

    Have a great weekend!


  17. hurrah for shorty! we are so excited about the news!

  18. What wonderful news! Shorty is very lucky to get such a wonderful new forever home.

  19. Oh, that is awesome news! Happy new home, doggy! :)


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