Monday, March 30, 2009

A couple of sweet pups!

When we lose someone we love,
it seems that time stands still.



These sweet little guys recently lost their MomBean.
They are living with her son and family next door.
Our Momma has been visiting and feeding them
while the family has gone to scatter her ashes.
They are very lonesome, but today ran around
when Momma went to see them!
She smells weird when she comes home, but
we are glad she is able to help them be
happy little pups again!

~ The Bunch


  1. Your Mom is so sweet to help them out. I truly believe that animals grieve, too! They are missing their Mom bean

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Oh, we're so sorry for the pups and their family. How nice of your Momma to show them loving attention.

  3. Sorry to hear about their mombean..

    Your momma is a very kind to make them happy again!


  4. Sure hope the doggies have found a good home and will feel better soon after losing their Mom bean.

  5. How nice of your mum to visit them. We're sorry they lost their human and glad they found a good home.

  6. Ah, poor little woofies must be very confused. I'm glad your mom is looking in on them.

  7. Oh no, how sad for the doggies. How nice of your mom to help look after them.

  8. Those guys sure are Kyoot! So sad they lost their mombean. Sounds like your mombean is taking good care of them.

    The quote couldn't be more true!

  9. It is so sad they lost their mommy. We are glad they have familiar family to take them in and care for them during this sad time. We furries feel grief too.

    It is very nice of your mommy to help them out.

  10. Aw...they look like nice woofies. We are sorry they lost their mombean...

  11. Poor woofies. We're sad to hear they lost their Mom.

  12. HAI me finks dat yoor mommeh iz GREAT!

  13. Oh that is so sad to hear.

  14. Oh those poor little woofies! Your mom is so kind to take care of them. We hope they will be ok.

  15. How sad for those poor pups. It is so nice of your Mom to cheer them up and feed them.
    ps - Thank-you for the card. It was very sweet...


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