Friday, May 25, 2007

Turtle and Trash and Booth

~ One man's trash...~

Someone told me that cook books sold well. Yesterday I bought 15 and today a few more, some pictured above. Also some Tiara, which has pretty much run it's course around here, but, it's something to put in my booth!

The Kitty-Cat tail and backside belongs to Timothy. I've had him since 2002. He was thrown out of his house by a man after his wife left him, and survived on his own for quiet a while. There must have been a good reason she had to leave Timothy. He is a true lover, nothing pleases him more than sitting in my lap, well, except for food. Timothy enjoys his food
It's beyond me how anyone can dump or kill an animal. I truly hope everyone that reads my blog understands that I cannot tolerate reading about any kind of abuse, any of any kind. If one wants to kill an animal, I'd rather not read about it. There are other solutions.
Oh! Almost forgot the rest of the story..Turtle.

On my search for trash to turn to treasures, I happened upon a turtle in the middle of the road. Managed to pull over, go back and get her. Brought her home and put her deep in the woods on protected property close to a creek. I've rescued many, many turtles, this was my second this year.


  1. Timothy was lucky to find such a good home.

    I can't stand hearing about abuse either. One of the reasons I don't usually watch the news is because of all the violence these days, if people aren't hurting each other they are hurting poor animals - I can't watch it without sobbing the rest of the day.

    Luckily there are people like you who take a special interest not only in their own animals, but in any they see that need help : )

  2. You got a lot of great stuff. Cook books, you can never have too many of those.
    Timothy's tail is poofy and pretty.

    It is a good thing to save the turtles!!

  3. You are very kind. I'm glad you rescued the turtle, and Timothy, too!

  4. Timothy and the turtle were both lucky to find you. I too, can't abide animal cruelty in any form.
    If people are mean or indifferent to animals it says something about their values and how they would treat their fellow humans.
    When some people find out that Muffin is diabetic they ask why I didn't put him down. I answer "If you found out that your child had diabetes would you kill of abandon him? That usually shuts them up.
    PS. Any cookbooks that you don't sell in your booth you could probably sell over the blogosphere.

  5. Timothy is a lucky boy to have you as his mom now. Thank you for rescuing him, the other kitties and all those turtles!

  6. Mum is interested in your glassware. What did you find?

  7. Hi Derby,
    Just the eight glasses and four coasters.

    Hi Muffin,
    I'm kinda new and didn't know I could sell stuff on a blog!
    I sold on ebay as spay-em, but that was a couple of years ago.

  8. I wish you the best of luck on your booth. It looks to me like you have some interesting items there. I'm glad Timothy found you and you found the turtle. They are both very lucky.

  9. Timothy was very lucky to have you rescue him. I don't understand how anyone can just dump or leave a pet. :( The turtle was also lucky to have you rescue him!

  10. Parker's Mommy here - I've been yelled at numerous times when I have stopped to rescue animals that have been on highways (I always carry leashes, food and a PTU in my car). But, on the other hand, I have had people stop and help. How we can be cruel and uncaring toward animals is beyond me. About 10 years ago I just decided not to be quiet anymore. If I see a problem, I try to fix it. You are a good person - and I bet the turtle and Timothy would agree with me!

  11. My Mommie takes turtles out of the road too! Even though she is a little scairt of the really big ones.

  12. Our Momma is just like you, she hates animal abuse of ANY kind! she says there is always room in the Big Piney Woods for another kitty. Her and Daddy are feeding a gallon of corn a day to all the ducks and geese. Also, the deer if they want to partake. She tells the coyotes they aren't welcome, however.



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