Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Flower Frogs!

~ Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport,
the frogs do not die in sport but in earnest ~
-- Bion --

As promised, more flower frogs.
The holes that the stems of flowers go into are seen better in this angle.

The large green frog has a texture, and under it there is a wire frog.
These sat in the bottom of the vase instead of on the lip of the vase.

Meowmie, you need to move the big one to the front.
So much help from Bandit, Maggie Mae and Napoleon.
Most of these, and I have about 50, are from yard sales!

Timothy can always be counted on to guard things, especially Temptations,
but he'll settle for Flower Frogs today :)

To see a Really Great collection of flower frogs, see FroggieB's Collection. So many different kinds, I think she has about 600!
Another collector HERE

Thanks for your interest in my Photo Hunters Frogs, and come join us! This weekend it's Cooking/Cooked. I may have a hard time with that one since I don't!

Also, thank you all that came by with kind words for me concerning Georgia.


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