Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yard Sale, Tag Sale

~ One mans trash..... ~

With storms predicted, there were not many sales this weekend. One was at a school and I found a few treasures there for my booth at Nellybee's. My favorite find was in a 'neighborhood' sale. Several houses had items in the yard, on the carport or sidewalk, but this very heavy elephant shelf is my favorite find of the day!
There are two shelves, one being right below the elephants. It's made completely of wrought iron, two feet high, one foot wide. There are hooks below the bottom shelf. The home owner had mostly Africa theme items. I'm still considering keeping this! Only problem is, I have no where to hang such a heavy piece! I'm pricing it high, tho, so it will stay in my booth for a while for me to enjoy!


  1. Oooh - I'm only 4 hours from Atlanta...... LOL

  2. You are the one purrson I thought of when I saw it!! Are you headed this way anytime soon?

  3. That shelf is very interesting! I knew you would like it because of the cute elephants.

    I like how you put pictures of all your kitty-cats on your sidebar. I like to look at them.

  4. Let's see - road trip...two weeks from yesterday...Atlanta...hmmm...


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