Friday, April 27, 2007

Still with me ...

Such an amazing outpouring of love for this precious cat that it has been my privilege to live with for the past 13 years.

The doctors said it is cancer.
I brought her home for the weekend, because she is still has happy moments.

I will take her in next week, and it will be one of the hardest things I've ever done, because she is still a happy cat. She walks with that tail high and her eyes are bright and inquisitive and so very loving.

Doctors said it would be fine to bring her home, and have pain meds.
She's eating (with and without my help), drinking, and using the litter box, although she 'did' get her nickname, Pissy Prissy Princess, by sometimes not using the litter box.

I want a few more years with her, but will have to settle for a couple of days, because I want her to leave before this terrible thing causes her to lose her bright and beautiful, trusting eyes. Yes, she trusts me, and I cannot let her down.

Thank you all so very much for your wonderful love and support for Georgia and me.
Do keep us in your prayers. I will need them all.
I so love this little cat.

In writing to another blogger, I gave my website to them.
Much to my surprise, when reading over it, I saw that Georgia and Napoleon are 15 not 13.
My sweet Georgia is older than I though she was.

This does not make it any easier at all, but did want to correct myself.

Thank you all again for the emails and comments about her. She has eaten twice today, so far, and is sleeping. I can see the tumor now...**tears**

What a great supportive group of people you are!


  1. Oh, my eyes are leaking. I am very sorry about Georgia. But I am glad that you get a few more precious days with her. You are in our thoughts.

  2. So sorry to hear about Georgia. I'm glad you will have a couple of more days with her, but so sad that you are losing her. :( You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of purrs your way.

  3. This is such terrible sad news. We are all sad and purraying real hard for you and Georgia.

  4. I wish their little bodies didn't wear out so quickly. It's so hard to let them go. Give Georgia an extra hug for me and find some peace with her this weekend.

  5. It is hard to let them go, especially when they are still fine most of the time. You keep hoping for one more month, one more week, one more day.

    Puurrss and {{huggss}} from all of us. We are so sorry.

  6. Oh I cannot tell you how sorry I am!! Believe me!! I know how you feel and I am so sorry that You are going to have to do this!! She is so very pretty but I DO UNDERSTAND that you don't want her to go through anymore pain. Plus you just do not want to see her go down hill either!! I will be thinking about you and also praying for you. Have a wonderful few days with her..Love on her as much as you can..take pictures too..Sandy

  7. Edsel and I are so sorry to hear of the pain you are going thru. Calico Mom told me about you and we thought we'd visit and tell you we will light a candle for Georgia tonight and send prayers that she will be comfortable for a little while longer. Hugs to both of you

  8. May the last days here be filled with love and peace. I hope you know that helping Georgia to the Bridge is the kindest thing you can do for her. No pain, no suffering for her. Love is the strongest medicine there is. Fill her full of love and know that there are many of us who will hold you and Georgia in our hearts as you help her with her final journey.
    Purrs and prayers,
    Parker and family

  9. Mom's cryin. Scruffy was only 12 when she gots tumors. She was fine until one mornin, when she was ready to go. Mom hadda take her to the vet fur help. Georgia loves you an knows how much you love her. She trusts you to know what's rite. Our purrayers are wif you all.

  10. Anonymous1:44 AM

    I can understand your distress. I just had to put my 19 year old cat to sleep (kidney failure). I had had her for 18 years. Clearly my most lasting relationship. It was nice to know that she had a very good life (former NYC street cat). She certainly enriched mine.

  11. We hope you both enjoy every precious moment together that you've got -


  12. Anonymous4:49 AM

    we have been thinking of you and your sweet little georgia throughout the weekend. we feel so badly.

    though you will sadly be parted soon, i believe your hearts are forever joined in love.

    be brave -- of course you will, knowing she needs that most.

    so sorry, :'(

  13. We are so sorry about Georgia. We're glad that she gets to be home with you for her last few days. Please know that we (and our Momma) are thinking of you and purraying for you both, as you make this kind albeit very difficult decision.
    Titus, Tazo, Earl Grey, & their Mom

  14. we are so furry sorry to hear this news. g-d bless you all as the journey begins.

    purrs an' purrrayers from all the missouri meowers--
    nelson, edmund, nitro, & xing lu

  15. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Oh my heart goes out to you! My cat is 14 (just turned 14 this january) and I don't know what I would do without her! Your sweet Georgia is now free of pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Shelli (mom of Sitka and Tia)


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