Friday, March 23, 2007

Rat Poison Found in Pet Food

One of so many that lost their lives

Prayers for the animals that have left us,
and for the ones still fighting this horror....


  1. Thank you for your kind words on our blog. We're going to work toward making Texas enact tougher laws. It's time to get re-involved.

    Thanks again!

    Luf, Us & Maw

  2. Poor sweet little Pebbles and all the rest of the inncoent critters who have suffered and died. This really has been a horror.

  3. It's 2AM here and I just had to come back and look at Pebbles. I close my eyes and his little face just haunts me. those deep brown eyes, so trusting. How terrible to go & buy food for your precious friend who trusts you implicitly to take care of him and to open a can and feed him rat poison. How gut wrenching! How horrible to think that by doing you did the best you could for your friend in the simple act of feeding him,that you would kill him. Such innocent trusting. I can't get over this little fellows eyes. So full of love and tenderness. And to think that this was probably the last picture someone had of their dear friend. It just tears at my heart. sss's mom

  4. Your label "horror" is right! I, too, am so touched by the picture of this little woofie.


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