Sunday, March 18, 2007

Goats Doing Better!

~ A conclusion is simply the place
where you got tired of thinking ~

Someone asked about Bob and Patrick, so I decided to take them outside their yard for a little walk around. They wouldn't leave the edge of their fence for quiet a while, but nibbled the grass right outside.
Their feet have healed and Patrick (in front) is walking much better.
They are still very afraid/nervous/alert as this picture shows.
The dogs bark at them, but so far they've not gotten back into their yard.

*Paws and hooves all crossed here!*


  1. Yay, I am glad the goats are doing better. They look cute, so I am sorry they are a little scairt. I see some grass in Patrick's mouth!!!! Hahahaha!

  2. This is furry good news!

  3. The Goats, Bob and Patrick are adorable : )

    I'm glad they are feeling better.


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