Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cat Tree!

~ Cats seem to go on the principle
that it never does any harm to
for what they want ~
-- Joseph Wood Krutch --

OK, so I have a little booth at Nellybee's and go to estate, yard and tag sales to buy things for my booth.
As everyone knows, the furkids are always in my mind so when I found this almost brand new cat tree for $15.00 I had to have it!
There was a problem, someone else had just bought it. After finding out how much my furkids would enjoy the tree, she let me buy it from her!

Inspection is being done by Timothy from a table, Bandit on top, and Anna Sue on the floor.

Thanks Lady, for letting us buy this great Toy!!


  1. What a cute title for your cats..furkids..I have to use that now with our cats..furkids..How sweet...I love your site..I am so glad that I run into it...drop by and see me sometime. We have two cats..Simon and Annie now. We lost Lucy back in December. She was simply beautiful and reminds me of one of yours. Only she was a beautiful red. She was a maine coon. I still miss her and always will I think...Sandy

  2. That's a cool cat tree - congrats!

  3. That's a grate tree, wish mum could find us one like that.

  4. Dear Timonthy, Bandit and Anna Sue, that looks like fun with plenty of space for all of your to play. I definitely like this furry tower a lot. FAZ

  5. What a great cat tree! And a bargain too, what could be better?

  6. Anonymous1:50 PM

    oooh - 3 levels! that would be purrfect for the 3 of us. we've gotta find one like that. enjoy!

  7. Anonymous2:36 PM

    yup - all 4 of my paws are striped!

  8. What a great deal and what a dearheart was the lady who gave it up!


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