Friday, February 02, 2007

The Boyz ~ The Weather

~ Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle ~

Patrick is feeling better. His pads have healed and he is using his left foot more. As mentioned in another post, one of the dogs got twisted up in her lead. I checked on her and it looks like she may loose her tail because the circulation was cut off by the lead.
She and the other dog are really good dogs, they just like to chase my Boyz, which causes them great pain from having to run.
I hope the dog will be all right.

It has been so cold here, I've been keeping the Boyz in the basement at night. I let them out yesterday for a while, and they were shivering after an hour. I don't like the humid, hot, hot summer heat, but I think my Boyz do. There will be no sun today for them, but hopefully tomorrow the clouds will start to move out.


  1. Yer goats are cute. I like their furs. Can I be friends with them? I never met a goat before. I would not chase them. I promise.

  2. Maybe you should get Skeezix's advice on some winter clothes for them :)

  3. Daisy, maybe they can be in one of your outstanding acts with you :)

    Kimo and Sabi, maybe we'll check into that!!

  4. I love goats, they have such character! It cracks me up when they have to stand atop everything. I've never seen a goat in a basement before though :)


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