Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toesies and Tail Tuesday

It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can't see.
-Eleanor Farjeon -
We like that quote because sometimes we look past Mom
and just stare at nothing..well, she thinks it's nothing.
We never tell what we see.
Guess who is not in the room right now? NOAH!
He thinks he can just come sit on the keyboard.
Well, not when the door is closed!
We hope all our furriends are having a nice day.
Our sun is out and it is pretty warm here.
Bob and Patrick sure do enjoy the sun.
I heard a rumor that the spare room will be in use again.
Will have to keep my ear to the ground and let you know
if I hear any more about this.
Got to tell Mom to let Noah come back in now,
Hope everyfur has a nice Tuesday!
~ Anna Sue


  1. Hi Anna Sue. The mom jokes we are listening to instructions from the Mother Ship when we stare off into space like that. Or maybe that we are seeing ghosts. :-)

    Enjoy your sunshine and warmth -- that's a great kitty tree/condo!

  2. My cats do exactly the same thing - LOL! Enjoy your condo and the peace and quiet :-)

  3. Anna Sue, you have beautiful toes ans tail! Enjoy your nap

  4. Oh, we see many things we don't tell our Mom about.

  5. Aww it's a lovely quote and so true!! Charlie always sees more that I can ever dream of!! And I think that's just amazing!!

    Have a great Tuesday Anna Sue and hello to Bob, Patrick and Noah! Take care

  6. We like the quote too. Sometimes we hear things outside and sit and stare at the front door. Mom always wonders if she shouldn't go outside and check for introoders, mol!

    Hee hee! Good way to thwart Noah :). Anna Sue, we sure do like your nappy basket! Purrs-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  7. Anna Sue, you sure look comfy in that kind of bowl deal. Glad you had some peace and quiet up there.
    We can't wait to hear what the guest room is doing getting all readey.
    Take care and have a great Turkey week.

  8. Oh! I heard that very same rumor! In fact, I was just staring into space when I heard it. And my human thinks my mind is a blank when I do that. ;-)

  9. You sure look comfy up there! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  10. Anna Sue, what a great spot you have there!! Are you gonna be getting another temporary visitor?? How exciting!!

  11. Lookit you, Miss Anna Sue - Queen of the Tower with your plume! We like that quote, too. Zoe thinks that the 'things' in the walls are ghosties. I think they are ghosts - of my brothers at the Bridge. They are teaching Zoe to be Bad. We're glad Bob and Patrick are enjoying the sun! And we'll stay tuned to find out about the spare room....

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  12. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Mama thinks we are seeing ghosts, too! You sure do look lovely up there in repose!

  13. Oh, how exciting! Who is going into the spare room? I was just reading about sweet little Magruber and I was wondering if it could be him!

    Anyway, we wish you a very, very happy Thanksforgiving day!

  14. We do that too =^..^=

    Love your bed, we will have to tell our mum to get us one....

    Spirit n Pixie n Tarmie


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