Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordy Wednesday ~ Visitors!

I am not a lover of lawns.
Rather would I see daisies in their thousands, ground ivy,
hawkweed, and even the hated plantain with tall stems,
and dandelions with splendid flowers and fairy down,
than the too-well-tended lawn
-W.H. Hudson-
What is that in the ivy??

It is Sharpie! ... He lives next door.
You can click the picture and see his eyes!
He is probably looking for our cute chipmunks.
We hope he does not find one!

More visitors on the other side of the house.
Oh No!! ... Vishus Deer!!

This is right outside Mom's bedroom window.
We think babies may show up soon.
Happy Wednesday everyone
~ The Bunch


  1. Don't get lost in the ivy!!!

  2. You should consult with Eric and Flynn about the Vishus Deer!

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  4. Whoops! That was us:( Sorry!

  5. yes, tis is another ting maw bean loves about the country, lots of various plantation. why see saw two dear while on a hike the other day.

    we love the photo of ivy kitty.

  6. look at that little kitty!!!! I love your black cat - looks like my Jack. The deer are wonderful. I have yet to get a shot of ours yet this spring. I know there is a doe and two babies living in our meadow.

    Happy 'wordless' Wednesday. Sorry so many

  7. Look at all those visitors! Sharpie is so cute in the ivy!Watch out for them vishus deer!

  8. I miss Oregon. NO I don't. It's to cold. I do miss the Scenery. Love the photos. Your lucky to have the deer visiting.

  9. I love the name "Sharpie", especially for an all-black cat!

  10. We are not lovers of lawn either. We would much rather have the grass tall, so we could hide better. Mom would love to have a field of wildflowers. She's been wanting one since the 70's but "somebody" always wants grass to mow!

    Sharpie looks like he's having fun in the ivy!

  11. Sharpie is a good looking visitor!

  12. At first, I could not see anything. I scrolled down with mommy's help and oh, there's Sharpie! Leave them chipmunks alone now...

  13. Sharpie is a very cute black cat. We're wondering if he's named after the magic marker? :)

    We agree with the quote, we prefer other vegetation to lawns.

  14. Hahaha! That was cute of Sharpie to poke his head out of that ivy! Stay away from those vishus deer, okay??

  15. Hi Sharpie...that's a cool hiding place:)

  16. Sharpie is very are the vishus deer!

  17. Sharpie looks so cute in the ivy.

  18. You are lucky to have so much wildlife around your home. We only get mice, birds and foxes. FAZ

  19. you better be careful with those deer lurking around- everyone knows them are real sneakies! -ben

  20. Your neighbor looks very nice, but that dear... uh oh.

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