Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tabby Tuesday ~ KittyBoy

happiness doesn't depend upon who you are
or what you have,
it depends solely upon what you think.

-Dale Carnegie-
Hai, KittyBoy here.
My Momma is so glad she failed at TNR. I was supposed to spend one night inside after she took me for that ride in her big metal machine. (Not sure what the VET did to me, but something sure was different!) .. Well, I escaped that room by getting in a heating vent that was loose. This led to a very scary time for her and me. After that, she said I was going to become a member of The Bunch.
I give her a lot of joy and happiness. My fur is as soft as a bunny rabbits and I never have raised a paw at another cat.
My Momma smiles every time she sees me, and I am a happy boy!
~ KittyBoy


  1. KB - you have such a great attitude! I am so happy that you became a member of the bunch!

  2. You got a great Bunch there, Kitty Boy!! What a lucky boy you are! We see you have those battle scars on your ears too, like our Rambler who also came to us by TNR.

    ~The Creek Cats~

  3. Kitty Boy you are one handsome tabby indeedy. I'm very glad your Mom failed on the R part of TNR, you are one loving, lucky lad!

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. We are furry happy that you are a member of The Bunch!

  5. I am so happy that you found your perfect Forever home right where you are!

  6. Kitty Boy yoo has a furry pawsome mom person. Yoo know she'll lub yoo and lub yoo!

  7. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Kitty Boy Momma thinks you is just darling too!! You have a serenity about you :))
    We are so happy for you that you are now part of "The Bunch" :)))


  8. Hi ya, KittyBoy! Mom sez you sure are handsome! She sez she would smile too every time she saw you! We are glad that you became part of the Bunch and live inside now!

  9. It was obviously meant to be, Kitty Boy. We are happy that you are safe and happy in your Forever Home.

  10. Welcome aboard, KittyBoy. And remember, unless you're John McClane, stay out of heating ducts.

  11. Anonymous3:46 PM

    You Mom did not fail; it is as it was suppose to be, Kittyboy!

  12. Kittyboy you are a handsome feller, we are glad you found ur furrever home too. Come see us sumtime k?

  13. Aha! So your mom is a failure! That's great! We're so glad she is and that because of it you ended up in a happy home.


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