Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Elephant Sanctuary ~ Ned

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures
from the shelter of compassion and pity,
you will have men who will deal likewise
with their fellow men.

-St. Francis of Assisi -
As some know, we are great fans of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. They have taken in a male elephant, Ned, who was confiscated by USDA authority. He weighed a ton less than he should have. He will stay at the sanctuary until he goes to PAWS who has offered to build Ned a permanent home in their new bull elephant habitat in San Andreas, CA.
We are enjoying reading about his progress in his diary while at the sanctuary, and thought you might enjoy reading about him, too.
HERE is a video and where you can read Ned's diary.
Sending lots of good wishes his way!!
~ The Bunch



  1. Thankyou for introducing us to Ned. We are so happy he has a bright future now. We think your quote today is brilliant, and very apt indeed.

  2. So happy to know that Ned was resued and now eating and doing well. I have three St. Francis statues in my yard. He's a favorite of mine...great quote!

  3. I hope that Ned does okay there. It is fascinating what goes on with elephants!

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  6. We hope Ned will enjoy his new home and flourish. We really like today's quote! It reminds us of what Mom often says... she finds it difficult to trust anybuddy who does not like animals or children!

    Sheesh.. sorry about the deleted comments... Mom's keyboard got stepped on by Gandalf! :)

  7. PAWS does amazing work! We can only hope dat beans take more notice and stop being mean to animals.

  8. Thanks for the heads up. It's heartwarming to see that he will be well taken care of.

  9. Poor Ned! We are so happy that he has been rescued and hopefully will flourish in his new home!

  10. Ned is very handsome. I am glad he was rescued and I hope he can eat and eat and eat and get big and strong.

  11. All too often people forget that animals are God's creatures too!!! Thank you for the link to Ned :)
    Purrs Mickey

  12. Goodness, it is so sad too, to see bones on an elephant!!! Down a ton is serious weight loss :(
    I hope he recovers too. Now I can follow his progress.

  13. hurrah for ned being such a fighter!

  14. I'm happy to see another Elephant Sanctuary fan!! Aren't they just an amazing organization! I did not know it was PAWS that is going to permanently take Ned. What a relief! Another great organization.


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