Monday, May 19, 2008

ManCat Monday ~ Napoleon

If youth only knew; If age only could.

Hi, Napoleon here!

I was diagnosed in November with CRF and Mom gives me fluids every other day. It's not something either of us look forward to, but it helps me stay as healthy as I can.

I eat special food and sometimes can talk Mom into actually mixing some good food in with it. The V-E-T said it's better for me to eat something than not eat my special food at all.

As you can see I still groom myself, as well as some of my brofurs and sisfurs. I'm not as big of a ManCat as I once was, but I'm still a fine one!

~ Napoleon

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  1. You are looking good, Napoleon! Way to hang in there, buddy. Purrs!

  2. Napoleon

    All orange mancats are fine handsome ones...we are glad you are doing well and that your helping your Mom manage your care.


  3. Oh boy! Napoleon, you has some huge floofy feets. I finks they are furry cute.

    I don'ts like my special foods so much, I sneak into Molly and Shadows bowls to eats their stuff!

  4. Napoleon, I am very proud of you for letting your mom give you fluids and being Good. I'll bet it helps you feel much better, too. I am glad you are still doing such a good job grooming, and eating well. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Napoleon, we think you are a gorgeous looking mancat! Pretty orange color!

  6. You are a fine manly man cat indeed! Love that tongue, too! :)

  7. I think you are still very manly and it is good to see you.

  8. Napoleon, we are sorry that you have CRF, but it is good that you receive fluids and eat special food. You hae a cute tongue!

  9. For the past two weeks I just gotted started on daily fluids and hopefully when I go to the vet tomorrow they'll tell us I don't have to get it every day. Mom says I'm a breeze because I don't even feel the needle in me. She's quite the expert at this since she did it for my sister, Cerise, for 14 months. Hang in there Napoleon! It's worth it in the end. And kudoes to your Mom for being such a good nurse!


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