Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday Toesday

If at first you don't succeed,
try to hide your astonishment.

Guess The Owner

One set of these tosies belongs to
Anna Sue
She has lived inside all her life

The other set belong to
He has lived outside most of his life.

Can you guess which toes belong to
each kitty-cat?

We hope the ones on the bottom will
look like the ones on the top soon!

~ Anna Sue and KittyBoy


  1. We think the bottom toes belong to KittyBoy. Both sets of toes are adorable! :)

  2. Hmm...we think that the bottom toesie belong to Kitty Boy. We LOVE toesies!!!

  3. Awww . . . poor Kitty Boy's toesies! I bet they look all smooth and loved soon! Purrs to you both, Kitty Boy and Anna Sue!

  4. I think the bottom toes are Kitty Boy's as well. I just think Anna Sue would allow her furs to be longer.

  5. I sure hope you look the above ones soon! Just don't let them get clipped...not fun!


  6. You seem to be a wild kitty, KittyBoy! But both of you have wonderful toesies!

  7. What an interesting and amazing comparison! Life on the Outside is very hard, even on the pawpads.

  8. Ouchies! Mines looked like that from being outside too. I am sure his pads will be so pink in no times though.

  9. Two sets of very very cute toes.
    Kittyboy's toes have been many places

  10. Ha, ha, ha.....that is very funny! Kitty Boy must have worn all his toe floofs off : )

    I love Anna Sue's wonderful toe floofs. I am jealous - cause I don't have hair floofs like that.

  11. Dear KittyBoy,
    What a wonderful thing that you are now inside. Here's hoping your wonderful paws get soft and pampered now that you have a forever home and a Mom!

  12. I also think that KittyBoy's toes are the second picture. They look like they have lived outside. Congratulations on becoming an inside kitty, KittyBoy. I'm sure your toes will look as pampered as Anna Sue's soon.

  13. I'll bet those ones on the bottom will look like the top ones very soon!

  14. Excellent Cattoes snapshots


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