Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nail Trimming and Grooming..ugh!

Cat's eyes seem a bridge to a world beyond the one we know
-Lynn Holly-

Spa day!

Today Mom decided everyfur here needed our claws trimmed!
We did not agree at all.
As you can see, I hide mine well.
We try to ignore her when she comes at us with the brushes, combs and clippers.

It does not work.

~ That Gracie


  1. NO day is good for clawr clipping. Not even Toesday.

  2. We don't like any of that stuff either!

  3. We let Mom clips owr claws. She's pretty good and fast so it's not so bad. I don't know how yur Mom could efun find yur claws frew all dat beeeeuuuteeful fur!

  4. Sadly, ignoring humans doesn't seem to work. We get our claws trimmed weekly, sometimes twice a week, because they grow quickly due to our fast Sphynx metabolism. Dragonheart doesn't mind having his clipped, but I don't like it at all.


  5. Hehehe, ignoring mom bean is a good trick when you do not want to be bothered with the clipper. We do the hide under bed trick.

  6. Oh you poor things:) xxx

  7. My crew won't even let me brush them. I wouldn't even try to clip toenails. My felines are quite good at ignoring me also.

  8. We all's has clawed Mom Bean when she tries to clip our claws. She has since quit trings to do that (for now). Ignorings the beans seems to work sometimes.

  9. Gracie, oooohhhhhh look at your gorgeous fur!!!!!
    Were you successful distracting her and the clippers?


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