Thursday, November 01, 2007

Napoleon and Noah update ~

I can complain because the roses bushes have thorns...or
rejoice because the thorn bushes have roses
Noah here....
We are both doing all right, especially me!
I have stopped limping, so it was not broken! Mom is thankful for that!

Napoleon moves around after the fluids start. The stick does not bother him (it just about kills Mom, but she seems calm). We are going to the V.E.T. today so he can be sure to get enough. They don't charge for that!

A few years ago Mom sold on ebay. As you can see in the picture, I was a tremendous help. She sold mostly silvertone / fashion jewelry. Her user name was spay-em. After she starts feeling 'normal' she is thinking about having an auction or two to help pay some of our bill. We will have to take pictures and figure out how to do auctions here.

Thank you everyone for your good wishes and purrayers for us!


  1. I am glad you two are feeling better. I hope your momma starts too again soon too!

  2. Noah, I am glad you and Napoleon are doing better. You make a very good advertising model, too!

  3. We are happy dat you are doin' better. da momee here used to sell on e-bay too! Her name was crazeekittee! But its a ton' o work az you know. But, den again, it iz a good way to gets da green paperz. I hope your momee doez not need too many green paperz... dis an be ex-hogsting to work so hard fur da green paperz.

    -Dr Tweety

  4. ise happy you two are doing better - and what a HUGE relief you got no broken bones!

    my mum also sold on ebay - pictures of animals in the pop-art style, but she had to stop cos she could no longer get access to a high quaity printer :(

  5. I am glad that you are all feeling better. I will continue to keep you in my purrayers!

  6. I Dare You!
    Yes, It is ME, Anastasia! Karl was thoughtful enough to put the Dare out on the Day of the Dead, so I can come personally! And if you don't accept the challenge, I might just come again and haunt you, Hahahahahahahahaha!

  7. We ares so glads you ALL are doing betters. Headbutts and purrs for you alls.

  8. So glad to know that Napolean and Noah are doing well and your Mom, too.

  9. I am so happy that you are feeling better. Purrs to you and to your Mommy. My Mommy is an E-Bay nut!

  10. We are so happy that you're feeling better. Lots of hugs and purrs to all of you guys.

  11. Our mom has a kitty like that one! Except the flowers are different colors, but the cat is the same.
    Glad to hear things are going better around there.


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