Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dental on Monday ~ Napoleon

~There is something about the presence of a cat
that seems to take the bite out of being alone~
-Louis J. Camuti-

Sorry I've been absent for a few days..
I am scheduled for a dental Monday the 29th.
I'd rather not, but didn't have much say about it.
Will get fluids by my Mom Friday and Sunday to help flush my kidneys. The VET said my dental may help my kidneys a great deal.

Mom rather not stick me, but didn't have much say about it.

She's never done that before. She knows doing it will make me feel better, but that does not help in knowing how to do it.
The doctor showed her, but she is still uncomfortable about it.

We have almost two days to worry think about this.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm not worried. Mom is.


  1. Oh, Prinny and Ceasar's mom gifs dem bof fluids...she can prolly talk yoo thru it.

  2. We hope that the fluids help you to feel better. Its not hard to do cause the needle just goes under the skin but we understand why it is scary! Mommy had to give a cat injections once and it made her really nervous! Purrs!

  3. My Bean say not to worry about sticking you. It won't hurt much cause you skin is loose and you have extra room under it. She had to do this cat she had once have diabiets (SP?) She also says cat skin tougher than it looks, have strong needle ready!

  4. I will be sending you all my purrs


  5. Tell your mommy to be strong! Mommies are brave when they have to be. I will be purring for you both!

  6. We gave fluids at home to an older cat. It's really not hard and not horrible. Just make sure that cat has something interesting to do while they fluids are going in, so that they don't try and leave...

  7. Tell your mom not to get too stressed out about the fluids. Most of the time the kitties do not even feel the needle going in. After she has done it a couple of times, it will not be so scairty. Even little kittens get sub-q fluids and tolerate it extremely well. The hardest part is not giving the fluids, but keeping the cat still. If possible, having a helper your first time or two is good if only to open and close the little roller that starts the fluids going.

  8. Poor Napoleon! You and your Mum shouldn't worry though, Vets are a good thing when you don't feel good, they make you much better. Hang in there!

  9. I find snoozing tends to relax me a lot. FAZ

  10. Bobbie: I have 5 kitties and have never given subQ fluids...and I'm a nurse. If it's any consolation, the needle doesn't seem to bother them least it won't be long term. You can do it for two or three day!!! For our felines, we can be strong! Good luck!

  11. Okay, here is what works for us.
    First we make the house very calm, then we make mommie very calm. Mom, you are in charge so you need to let the kitty know that you are not going to hurtie.
    Then have a helper the first few times. while you are thinking about this, check out the back of the neck, right between the shoulder blades. Lift up the furs and make a tent with the furs. hold the needle plastic part, see how the needle sort of has a bevel? make the needle with the bevel facing up so the needle goes in smoothly. count to three... then put it in sort of sideways. Kitty will say a worried meow sound and then you just hold on tight to the chest and butt and tell Napoleon to just be still. Try to put kitty in the sideways laying position beforehand, and it is easier.
    Never panic. Kitties love you and it seems a lot harder and creepy than it is./

    If you really get icky about this, just bring Napoleon into the vet. Usually a tech will help you or do it for you.... for a charge.

    Do not worry.
    There are some "feline renal failure" websites (google it) and most of them have very helpful tips. Our mom used to be a nurse so it was easy for her.

    Just remember, the calm mom is in charge.
    When you pull off the needle cap, put it someplace easy to put it back on so you do not do any unnec stabbings, also, REmember to close the flow thingy before you pull the needle out, other wise you get a big squirty party going on.

    We are here if you need any other assistance or have questions.

  12. Napolean,

    Make sure da room iz warm. If it iz cooler, da veinz shrink up. Mebbe dream a little about squirrlz. If you dreamz about squirrlz & runnin' after dem, your veinz will expand & make da pokey bit go eazier.

    -Dr Tweety

  13. good luck wiv the fluid - i hope your mum will be ok. its not the same but my mum gives me injections in my scruff - it's not so bad...

    i hope your vet visit goes well too!

    lots of love and strength for the coming days xxx

  14. Poor sweet baby! I hope you are feeling much better soon, and this shot business goes away quickly.

  15. No suggestions - we wanted to suggest to ask Princess and Caesar - but they already told you everything you need to know!
    You'll be fine. Mom will be fine!
    And you will be feeling much better!!!

  16. Peffe and Susann6:42 AM

    We're keeping fingers and paws crossed for monday Napoleon ((hugs)))

  17. We will think good thoughts - Caesar and Prinnie told you the best way!

  18. its amazing how your teeth affect your kidneys. jd is only 4 and he had a bad infected tooth. his hair quite growing after a grooming. after the tooth was removed his hair grows like crazy.

    we gave fluids to Selena for 6 months, it was easy but we learned it works best with 2 people, 1 told hold the animal and 1 to do the turning the subq on and off. we just pulled her loose skin up and gave it under her skin. thats how we were told. you will need the litter box after your done, it makes you hafta pee.

  19. Sending prayers and purrs for your speedy recovery. Also hoping Noah is feeling better today.

  20. I'll be thinking of you, Nappy. I have to go in for dental surgery on Monday, too! You'll be just fine and I know it will help make you feel better.

  21. Hope the dental is going OK. I am thinking of you, Napoleon.

  22. No advice here, but we're sending lots of hugs and purrs and purrayers you way.

  23. I was just checkins to see if you's made it outs okays from your dental thingy Napoleon. I hopes you feelings well nows.


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