Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi Daisy!

Hi Daisy!
Mom has a new toy and the first thing she thought of was for us to say 'Hi' to you!
She's putting this a few months back on her blog, since it's her second try, and not too good.
The first was Noah, and it's a little bit back, too.
When she learns how to do this better, we'll put it on the right date.
My left knee is hurting again from when the dogs chased us, so we're spending
nights in the basement so I can rest and not be too cold.
You will notice we have our Winter coats on!
Bob and I read your blog, but Mom's not feeling much like blogging.
Patrick & Bob

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  1. Hi Patrick! Hi Bob! I loved seeing your video. You made me start my day with a very big smile. I think your winter coats look very handsome.


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