Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bandit and Ayla ~ Rest In Peace

~ Our lives begin to end
the day we become silent
about things that matter ~
- Martin Luther King, Jr.-


Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies arrested a Chandler police sergeant in the death of a K-9 left for more than 12 hours in a hot patrol car.

Justice For Bandit

~ Time spent with cats is never wasted ~

Soar With The Angles
Sweet Ayla

~ We will miss you ~


  1. I am very sad about Ayla. She was one of the very bravest cats I know. I am certain she is happy and pain-free now at the Bridge.

    I am also saddened to read about Bandit. Bandit would have probably willingly given his life to protect that officer. That the gift of his life and loyalty was disregarded in such a way is inexcusable.

  2. i am saddened that another kitty has gone from us...i never met her but she seems to have made many furrends.

    that poor bandit...too sad as well x

  3. This is awful for us on earth... but I believe that Ayla and Bandit are both happy and healthy now. I'm glad they arrested that police man and wish I could bite him in the butt for what he did.

    Hey, Bandit and Ayla. Have a happy time at The Bridge! Say Hi to everyone for Mom & me. I'll see you all before all that many more earth years pass.

    Love and Licks

  4. I just did my first meme thingy, other than the weekly ones like Dogic Monday, Woofless Wednesday, Friday's Feast. I tagged you to do it too. It's on my doggy bloggy, so just copy & paste it and follow along.

    Let me know when it's done so I can come over and see what you put.


  5. Hi Reba!
    I'll do the meme one day next week.
    Thanks for choosing us :)
    ~ The Bunch


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