Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tummy Tuesday ~ Multi-Cats

~ One cat just leads to another ~

Sara here, I'm the little Calico at the foot of the bed. I'm twelve years old, and very small.

None of us cooperated to do a full Tummy today, so Mom thinks two halves may work!

Next to me is fifteen year old Napoleon. He is the one that we all go to for grooming. He's very gentle.

Next to Napoleon is Noah. Mom is 'keeping' him for a couple of months. That was eleven years ago.

These are two of the sweetest Mancats ever!

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  1. So true!
    Esp if they are girl cats...lol.
    Have a great Tuesday.

  2. You are very cute Sara. :) I'm glad your two brothers are sweet Mancats. :)

  3. Look, it's two tummies on the half-shell! Sara, I think Napoleon and Noah have very cute tummies. And you are a very pretty calico. Calico is my favoritest!

  4. I think two half-tummies make a whole tummy. You all look very sweet on the bed together.

  5. Oh would you just look at Sara's expression :) Priceless!

    I'll take two half tummies this Tuesday ... in fact I'll take any part of Napoleon's and Noah's tummies any day of the week! lol :D

  6. Three absolutely wonderful tummies


  7. You guys are all so cute! Napolean and Noah look furry tired.

    I saw Patrick and Bob on Daisy's blog. Boy were they efur cute little goat babies! They are still very handsome, but the baby pictures made my Mum squeal!

  8. What is it wif big mancats. Our little brofur (figuratively speaking) is da sweetest guy. He gets along wif both us gerls effun tho we can't stand each other. He's good wif baby kittens and der mom's too, effun da semi-ferals! Maybe it's his size, he knows he could beat snot out of any of us but doesn't feel the need to prove it.

  9. I love all of your tummy~!!!!

  10. Hi everybody! We haven't stopped by for awhile but we saw the goats at Daisy's blog and came back to see how you are doing!! Looking good!

  11. Sara, you look very proud of your bed mates! You should be, they are very sweet!

  12. Awww, how cute! I love cats!

  13. It's not a home without cats.

  14. Hah! We know about that "keeping them for a couple of months..."

    Luf, Us


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