Friday, June 15, 2007

Rest In Peace Pickle Boy

Pickle Boy has gone to
The Rainbow Bridge.

Soar With The Angels
Beautiful Boy.

He lived with
my friend,
Laura in Alaska


  1. Bandit came home yesterday. Was still woozy, and today he is a little sore, but eating and resting.
    Doing great. Waiting for the biopsy and hoping it's OK.
    Will post him tomorrow for PH, I think.

  2. The story of Pickle's last day made my eyes leak. I am sad that Pickle Boy had to leave.

  3. What a handsome white kitty! I am very very sorry.

  4. Oh sad news. PickleBoy rest in peace
    we will miss him.
    What a beauty

  5. Oh, I am so sorry. I just started reading his blog when I saw it referred to on here. I'll pop over and leave my condolences.

  6. Purrs to Laura on her loss. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge Pickle Boy.

  7. Peace be with you little kitty.

  8. This was very sad to read about Pickle Boy. We had gone over to visit when you first mentioned him here. We're going over to give condolences.

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  9. I believe that Pickle Boy is amongst the best of company as he waits for his beloved human(s) to join him. Some of the company he has is waiting for me, and I for them.

    My heart goes out to his human.

  10. So sad, leaky eyes here...

  11. How sad ... It's so hard to lose a loved one ... Especially one as well-loved as he ...


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