Friday, June 01, 2007

Katrina Animals Still Need Us

~ Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man.
Just as one wants happiness and fears pain,
just as one wants to live and not die,
so do other creatures ~

-- The Dalai Lama --

There is so much said about how many are still left on the street…is it five, ten, twenty or forty thousand animals? Cats always outnumber the dogs, and the feline species has proven the better survivor having an innate ability to attune their metabolic rate with what the environment has to offer in the way of food and drink. Make no mistake, nature takes a cruel toll as only the strongest will survive unless rescued.

Rescue work immediately after Katrina was frequently difficult mostly due to the terrain to be traversed… newly created inky waterways blocked by downed cables, gnarled electrical lines, massive tree branches, and the invisible graves of drowned autos just a few feet below the surface. Today rescue is ...Continue reading ARNO..

Taken from ARNOwebsite.


  1. People look after one another but neglect those among us who can't care for themselves. Sad...
    Thanks for caring!

  2. Wow. Just read about Chance and Aubrey. Looks like I need to add another organization to my animal donations!!!

    Luf, Us

  3. This is a great organization.
    They have worked so hard for these Katrina animals.
    A friend of mine that has business in NO visited the warehouse and said all the animals are well cared for and the people were so nice, and really working hard to feed and take care of the strays.

    Thanks for checking them out :)


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