Monday, April 16, 2007

Temptations = Yummy!

~ Resisting temptation is usually just a matter of putting it off until nobody is looking ~

There were some Temptations here a few minutes ago!


Miss Emily, Napoleon, Sara, Gracie, Timothy, Bandit and Noah.


  1. Where did all the Temptations go? I know, they are in your tummies!! YUM!

  2. 7 beautiful!! We just have 2 and I am so aggravated at Simon now that I wish he would go someplace else to live. Other than biting me so many times now and now his peeing on every throw rug that i have...I am about ready to PITCH him!! I am just darn right MAD at him...We have had cats for some 40 years and this guy is really getting to me...Anyone for a Siamese...???

  3. Oh, these are just the ones that didn't take off after eating the Temptations! Pictures of everyfur are on the sidebar :)

    Have you checked Simon for a UTI?
    Sometimes they act out to get our attention to let us know they don't feel well.
    I hope that boy will start being nicer to his Mom!!


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