Monday, April 09, 2007

Holly Hobbie, Snoopy & Woodstock

~ He who has 1,000 friends
has none to spare ~

My aunt will be moving, and asked me if I'd help her clean her attic of things that someone had stored 25-30 years ago, and she'd let me have all the stuff.
There was a lot of non-useable things that had to be thrown away, and not a lot that I could put in my booth. I will be able to put these Holly Hobbie figurines in, tho.
My favorite one is...the Cat! I like the lamb, too.

Yard sales were not productive, being that it was freezing here, with a few snow flurries. Maybe Snoopy and Woodstock will catch someones eye :)



  1. Those Holly Hobbie figurines are very cute!

  2. That's some neat stuff!!

  3. Those are really nice! Our Lady's been packing up lots of decorative items and putting earthquake putty underneath others because of me. See, if she doesn't get up when I want her to, I knock stuff off shelves.

  4. I collect Snoopy things - well,use to - I haven't bought anything in several years. I LOVE Snoopy! Great finds!


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