Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bob on the stairs!

If you're short of trouble,
get a goat.

Hi Furriends!
Bob here.. 
Patrick and I have been staying in the basement 
for the past few nights, because it is COLD here! 
This video is of Mom trying to get me to go down
the steps to the basement so we can go out.
I weigh twice as much as Mom Bobbie, so she
didn't want to get on the steps with me.
It starts with us 'talking' through the door.

Hope everyone is safe and warm!
Atlanta roads are a mess :(

~ Bob


  1. sounds like someone needs a pen in their basement :) Stay warm

  2. Bob really wanted to come through that door! I am purring for warmer temperatures for you!

  3. I sure do hope you get some warm soon!

  4. We're glad you have someplace to stay warm, Bob.

  5. Bob, WE are glad to see you and Patrick are staying warm in that crazy weather!

  6. We just knew Mom Bobbi would keep you nice and warm in the basement. But you would have been even warmer if she had let you through that door for you to run and jump in her bed.


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