Saturday, July 21, 2012

Malachi and Jasmine on Saturday

Don't worry about avoiding temptation,
as you grow older it starts avoiding you

 Hai.. Malachi and Jasmine here!
We do not know why, but Mom likes to go look at old stuff.

When she looks at antiques, she finds kittycats!

This one reminded her of KittyBoy.
She loved him a whole lot!

We think this is scary looking.

We thing this is scary-er looking!!
Why is that in an antique booth?

She came home with this 'frig magnet.
We told her it needs an 's' added!
Happy Weekend to all our furriends and beans!
~ Malachi, Jasmine and The Bunch


  1. All those antique kittycat things just mean that people have loved kittehs for a long, long time (as well they should!). :)

    We like your mom's new magnet, but yes ... she needs to add an "S." :)


  2. Our Mommy love old stuff too! Maybe cos it looks familiar, ha ha ha! She calls it "going junkin'".

  3. The Woman looks at old stuff every time she looks in the mirror...

  4. We like the kitty stuff.

  5. Those are some interesting pictures, that is for sure. I have to tell you, I love coming to your blog because I love that picture of the goats getting some carrots from Daisy. That is so cute.

  6. You two are looking might fine and so is the old stuff!

  7. I like that magnet... and I would not even care if my human did not add an "s." ;)

  8. That blond is very scary! We are not sure why it is an antique, either!

  9. Our mom likes to look at old stuff too. We like that fridge magnet!

  10. Uh-oh, your Mom sounds like ours! What neat stuff! Happy Sunday, furriends.

  11. Me and Charlie think mum came home with the BESTEST thing from the Old Stuff!! Yay! Take care


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