Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thankful Thursday with Jasmine

Some people talk to animals. Not many listen, though.
That's the problem.   
- A.A. Milne - 
Hai Furriends..
Mom is Thankful on this Thursday because I am here!
A long, long time ago an internet friend of  Mom Bobbie said if someone would go and get a cat out of an animal control, and meet her, she would take the cat... who was to be destroyed that day. Well, Mom said she would go get that cat.. it was a long, long drive, but Mom does things like. After she got me from AC she had to drive yet another long, long way to meet the lady...whose name was Claire. By the time Claire got there Mom had been holding me and loving on me and I was so content and comfortable to have someone give me attention. I had kittens in the past, and no one cared for me or them.

She tried to not cry as she handed me over to Claire, and managed to hold up until she was alone on the long way back to her home. Claire loved me so much and I loved her.. but one day she had to go to Heaven, it is sorta like a Rainbow Bridge for hooman beans.
I was put outside.
One day Mom Bobbie got a call. Claires husband. He was getting married and wanted to know if Mom wanted to take me, as he was moving.. and I had been kicked outside when Claire left.
Well, YES!!
She didn't sleep a wink that night...
She met him the next day. She is so, so thankful he called.
She hugs me every single day. A lot.
Happy Thursday!
~ Jasmine


  1. What a wonderful story! You are one very lucky little girl! You have the bestest Mom!

  2. Jasmine, that's an utterly beautiful story of how you found your forever home.

  3. We are so sorry you got kicked out of your last home - some humans can be so hurtful but we are dancing our happy dance now as you have got a truly loving furever home.
    Purrs and luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Beautiful Jasmine! Oh my goodness what story you have to tell the world!! Awwwww!!! Angel mum Claire sounded like she was most kind hearted person and me and Charlie are trying to think good thoughts of her husband - but at least he called up your mum to come and get you. At least he did that so we shall try to think good thoughts!

    We are so happy you are home now! Take care

  5. Jasmine, you ae a lucky girl to have two Moms that love you. we know you are very happy with Mom Bobbi!

  6. Oh Jasmine - that is a great thing to be thankful for. We wish mom Bobbie would have been called sooner, but we are glad you are back with her.....

  7. Oh Jasmine--we are so thrilled he called your mum and that you are with Mom Bobbie now!

  8. so happy for your happy ending Jasmine..

  9. Oh Jasmine! You are such a beautiful girl!!! We are so glad you found your forever home!!!

  10. What a wonderful story. Definitely karma. So glad you and your Mom found each other again. xoxo

  11. OH!!! So good news!

  12. Jasmine, that is so awesome that you came home to Bobbie... where you probably belonged in the first place!

  13. Sometimes, special kitties & beans just belong together. Even if it takes a while for everyone to figure that out.

    Super glad you finally made it home.

  14. Oh sweet Jasmie, you just made my heart smile.

  15. Jasmine, that's such a wonderful story...not that you got kicked outside...but that you ended up once again with your mom...where you belong.

  16. Jasmine, we are thankful for you, too. That is a wonderful happily ever after story. :)

  17. Oh Jasmine, that is such a great story. We are so glad you got to be with Bobby after Clair had to leave for the bridge. We know you are getting lots of love.
    Thanks for your nice comment on our blog about Grayson.

  18. Jasmine--your story made me cry, but I am so happy that although you have lost two homes, you came at last to the place that will be your furrever home. Love to you and your Mom!


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