Monday, June 18, 2012

Eagle - Remembering Uncle Bill

There is nothing in which the birds differ more from
 man than the way in which they can build, and yet leave 
a landscape as it was before.  
 - Robert Lynd -
My Great-Uncle Bill gave this to me many years ago.
Every time I see it I think of him and his wonderful personality.
It also reminds me of Mom and Dad Norfolk, and how much
I have learned from Mr. Ed Clark, The Wildlife Center of Virginia, 
and the Norfolk  Botanical Garden Eagle Cam!
I also enjoy helping at Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort 
I'll now return the blog back to the kittycats before they rebel.
~ Mom Bobbie


  1. That is amazing! We love that image-

  2. Such a wonderful memory.

  3. It's a stunning memento from your great uncle! Take care

  4. That is a beautiful piece that inspires many memories!


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