Friday, March 30, 2012

Maggie Mae 1996 ~ 3-29-12

With dancing little furry feet they run across 
our hearts and make us weep.
 But weep not for pain and sorrow, 
for my love I'll see you in a new tomorrow.
from my friend, Carol.

A quick thank you to all our furriends and beans
for the sweet words for Maggie Mae.
We will post more later, as Mom Bobbie feels better.
Purrs to all...
~ The Bunch

*From our friend, Katz*
Forgive me if I weep - she was so sweet,
That little cat who scampered through the house,
Or curled asleep upon the window ledge,
Though still alert to stir of leaf or mouse.
But now she's gone, whose soft paw often touched
My cheek at the first glint of day;
Or with arched back, skipped through the room,
Enticing me to enter in her play.
Oh God, of little earnest please
Is that while things are strange to her
You may scratch her ears sometimes, let her chase
Celestial mice along the Milky Way.
Just for a little while until she finds
Some chosen spot upon the Outer Gate
When she is weary of her running, where she may
Curl in the sunshine, there to sleep...and wait.


  1. We are so sorry to hear about Maggie Mae. We send you comforing purr and headbutts.

  2. I'm so sorry... although you are right, you WILL see Maggie Mae again.

  3. This is a very sweet post for Maggie!

  4. We're thinking of you. We were sorry to hear that it was time for Maggie Mae to go to the Bridge.

    Truffle and Brulee

  5. We were very sorry. That is a sweet post about Maggie Mae.

  6. We are so sorry to hear about Maggie Mae, our thoughts are with you all xxxx

  7. (((Hugs))) and purrs from us.

  8. Awwww sweet beautiful Maggie Mae. Continued purrs and hugs from me and Charlie. Take care

  9. We were so sorry to hear that sad news and we send you lots and lots of purrs and hugs.

  10. We are so sorry you lost your beautiful Maggie Mae and send our heartfelt condolences!!!!

  11. We feel so bad for all of you...sending you soft purrs and warm hugs from The Kats and Mommy Trish.

  12. We're very sorry to hear that Maggie Mae had to go to the Bridge. Thank you for loving her so very much, and so very well. Hugs to you all.

  13. We are so sorry to hear of your deal Maggie Mae.
    We came by to thank you for your kind words in condolence for our beloved Scooby, and here you are experiencing the same thing.
    Bless you, and be comforted as we were with the thought she was loved so very much.
    And I'm sure Scooby is enjoying chasing those butterflies with her!

  14. First line...."dear" Maggie Mae. Oops.

  15. Softest husky wooooos,



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