Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bad News - Good News

The greatest wealth is health.
- Virgil -
Hai Furriends, Gracie here!
~ Bad News ~
Do you see what I see? That is a card from my V-E-T
It reads that it is time for me to get in my PTU and see her.
Since I have not been coming for breakfast the past two days,
Mom will probably take me in next week because...
I do not miss meals.
~ Good News ~
On a happier note, Mom just got an email from Robin,
The Babycats are in Connecticut! Yay!!
Happy Saturday and hope everyone is warm.
~ Gracie


  1. Gracie ~ we hope you are ok. Best get a check up to be sure. Purrs.

  2. We hope you feel better. Perhaps it is just a hairball. We get cranky when we have them.

  3. Gracie it is always good to see the V-E-T!

    You will be happy that you did ((((hugs))))

  4. Awww, its best to get checked out I guess. Having said that, I got one of those too!!!! :)xx

  5. Awww beautiful and adorable Gracie!! Me and Charlie hope you feel better and hope that all will be ok at the vets!! Hugs and purrs!

    Take care

  6. ACK! The vet is never fun...but maybe, this time, you actually need to go! We'll purr that you have a wonderful check up.

  7. Yeah for the baby cats! Purrs to you for the check up. We hope that you are doing okay.

  8. Yuk, the V E T sure all will be well
    ♥ to all

  9. The good news is much more fun, but the Vet will be good news too if you get feeling better!

  10. Hi ya, Gracie. We hope you are okay. As much as you hate going to the v-e-t (don't we all??), it's probably best to get checked out.

  11. Uh-oh, Gracie - I hope you check out at the vet okay! Yay for the kitties arriving at Robin's!!!

  12. Glad the babycats arrived safe!!

    Miss Gracie - you can't be skipping meals - it makes the humans nuts and then you get stabbed by the v-e-t.

  13. We hope you get to feeling better! We are happy the baby cats made it safe!

  14. We hopes you pass all your tests at the dreaded V-E-T! We'll be purring hard and sending pawsitive thougts your way. xoxo

  15. Hope you're warm, too, Gracie, and that your checkup goes well. Hugs.


  16. I hope all goes well at the vet's, Gracie!


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