Monday, July 25, 2011

Mancat Monday~Napoleon

Don't worry about avoiding temptation -
as you grow older, it starts avoiding you.
- unknown -
Hai Furriends,
I'm still doing well for a 19 year old kittycat!
Sometimes Mom and I do not agree about giving me fluids,
and she usually wins that one.. but I get a treat when finished.
Happy Mancat Monday!!
~ Napoleon


  1. Napoleon, 19 is a grand old age for a handsome mancat! We imagine that your mom does win the skirmish over the fluids, but they are to make you feel better. And a treat...or four...helps too!

  2. Awwwww amazing Napoleon!! You are gorgeous!! Yay for extra treats!! Take care

  3. Treats are always good. Our older kitty always loved them and the Woman gave her plenty as she figured if you are gonna live that long, there's no sense in trying to prolong something even more!

  4. Your a darn handsome one Napoleon and you should get treats any time you want them!

  5. Napoleon, you are an inspiration!

    Mommy says "Darn!" about no more temptation.

  6. Beautiful, just like beloved old Blossom before she crossed the rainbow bridge, cuddles and purrs to all ♥

  7. Napoleon, your Mom and you are so blessed that you have each other! And having your treats after the fluids is the cats' meow ... hee hee!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  8. Napoleon, I think you are doing very well for a senior kitty. Your mom is still very luck to have you.

    Mom Paula

  9. that quote is fabulous!!

    Napoleon you look amazing! I can't believe you are 19!!! ((((hugs))))

  10. Napoleon, you are a very lucky Mancat. Our Mom hated giving fluids to Wizard.

  11. You look great, Napoleon!!

  12. Napoleon, at 19 you should get treats all the time, for no reason, every day!

  13. are simply GRAND! You deserve every treat you get!

  14. Older kitties are always very special to us Kwee Cats. We think you great, Napoleon, and very handsome too! You sure inspire us, and make our Mumsy smile every time we get to see you.

  15. Wow, that makes you one senior mancat! We are very impressed.

  16. 19!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic, Napoleon!!!! You are still one handsome dude!!!!!

    Sammy and Mama totally agree with the quote about temptation avoiding you as you grow very seldom tempts them anymore....Andy kinda sits on the border, and Shelly is tempted ALL the time!!!!!! MOL

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